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"Keepers of the Keys"

These are just a few of the Keepers of the Keys. They honed, journeyed, and sweat. They made a room vibrant with color and possibility when all it used to be was noise and smoke. Singer, pianist, Bistro and Margaret Whiting Award winner Eric Yves Garcia takes another walk along the hall of his heroes. Each grappled with forces that might have kept them pinned behind that instrument, unheard. Each used the piano keys to open their futures.

NAT 'KING' COLE, The Balladeer: While his jazz trio burned up the road, all they wanted was his voice, front and center. He stepped out from behind the piano, sang the truth and the world hushed at the lustre of his voice.



HOAGY CARMICHAEL, The Honky Tonk Philosopher: To keep the wolf from his door in Depression, he toiled in a dreary office, and spun the shimmering songs that dreams were made of.



HUTCH, The Gigolo: From a backwater of the Empire to the summit of London society, and all from a piano. And several gilded beds. But when he crossed swords with Buckingham Palace, his fall was as glittering as his climb.


BOBBY SHORT, The Bon Vivant: In his hands, a two week engagement at the Carlyle was extended for nearly four decades. He kept the American Songbook polished to a high gloss, and alive.



Feinstein's/54 Below

254 West 54th Street

New York, NY

Mr. Finn's Cabaret

Barrington Stage Company

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